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Drei Schülerinnen sitzend mit Notebooks auf der Bodenvitrine in der Dauerausstellung. Das Bild ist mit einer roten Fragmente-Schrift belegt.

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We use the most modern media and communication technology to tell you the exciting stories behind the exhibits. Explore our exhibition with your tablet or download our museum app onto your smartphone and reawaken the "ghosts of the past". Without any tools, you can view the holographic installations in our special showcases, which illustrate how a hand axe or a fibula brooch were made.

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Take a virtual walk through our museum. We will introduce you to the various subject areas in our
permanent exhibition as a digital tour.

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Blick in die Dauerausstellung

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You can watch a variety of online tours on your own smartphone or tablet in the museum or in the comfort of your own home. In addition to guided tours by the curators, there are special tours which examine individual exhibits and special topics. Younger online visitors can explore the exhibition together with "Milli and Kalle" and learn interesting facts about unicorns and mammoths.

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Online-Kuratorenführung zur Pest-Ausstellung mit Dr. Stefan Leenen

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See the "ghosts of the past" in an augmented reality installation in our exhibition. You will meet a peasant woman milling grain or the Lord of Beckum, polishing his sword. You can even take selfies with the ghosts!

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Die Geister-App auf dem Smartphone (Bild:Puppeteers)

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