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Führungen und Programme

Turn your visit into an experience!

We also offer our guided tours in English and French. Whether it's a general overview tour or a themed tour focussing on a particular aspect, the museum's educational staff provide programs for all age groups as well as for people with disabilities. We are happy to offer advise!

Adventure Archaeology

Discover and research for yourself!

This program uncovers the secrets of archaeological work: How do researchers recognize a new site? How do they discover and retrieve finds from the Stone Age or the Middle Ages? After exploring the permanent exhibition, you can try out for yourself how scientists evaluate excavations in our own research laboratory: How do you determine the age of a wooden well? Why can men and women be differentiated by their auditory ossicles? Find out what 14-C and dendrochronology mean!

Duration: either 1.5 or 2 hours

250,000 years of human history in Westphalia

Sought. Found. Excavated.

On your way through our permanent exhibition, you will follow the traces of the people of Westphalia in a simulated excavation. Besides numerous finds from all historical periods, you will discover, for example, Europe's only hand axe made out of a mammoth bone, the Gevelinghausen Urn, one of the most magnificent vessels of its time, as well as the Lord of Beckum with his rich collection of burial objects. Experience for yourself how the inhabitants of our region stood up to Imperial Rome, how the Franks spread Christianity under Charlemagne and how courtly life found its way into Westphalia! You will be led to the recent past, where the debris of bombing illustrates the horrors of war.

Please note:
It is possible to agree on specific topics to be focussed on when registering. In cooperation with Ralf Kirchhoff, who is himself a deaf social education worker, the museum can provide the program "Sought. Found. Excavated." in sign language. For people with impaired vision and the blind we have developed a special tour, in which the focus is on objects that can be touched and explored with the hands. We also work with a large number of replicas, the originals of which can be found in the permanent exhibition.

Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours as requested

History is feminine

Archaeology from a different angle - not just for women!

"History is made by men." - This idea is still widespread today. That is why we deliberately take a look at the archaeological evidence of the region from a female point of view on this tour. Do tools, jewellery, and funeral customs provide us with any clues as to how women used to be viewed? Is it possible to say anything at all about the roles of men and women and gender understanding based on objects from the past? We discuss finds together with additional written and pictorial sources and question our own gender image while trying out the replicas.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Old Age

Not just for older visitors ...

This tour takes a closer look at the role of old people in the various periods of our history. For example, at what age were you considered to be “old” 5000 years ago? What tasks were "seniors" responsible for and what role did they play in the community? How did people deal with illness? Archaeological finds give us the answers - for example, bones with age-related diseases. In our research laboratory you can see for yourself how scientists determine the age of the deceased.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Hands-on excavations

Further offers you will find in our Excavation CAMP outside the museum Excavation CAMP.

Booking information

Please contact us! We will be more than happy to answer your questions if you phone us on +49 2323 94628-0 during the museum's opening hours or if you send an email to
We are happy to accept your individual booking requests and will do our best to give you your preferred date.

Your booking
Please book your individual tour at least two weeks before your preferred date. We will then send you a written confirmation of the appointment - from this point on your tour is firmly booked.

Event prices are based on the duration of the respective program and are calculated at a rate of € 30 per hour, so a 90-minute event will cost € 45 and a 2-hour event € 60. Unless otherwise stated, all prices are in addition to the museum admission fees.

Group size
For guided tours, we recommend a group size of no more than 16 persons. School classes are not usually spilt up.

Tour duration
Due to the size and diversity of the exhibition, we recommend a guided tour of 1.5 hours - but the duration is, of course, up to you. All tours and programs focus on particular content and areas.

In the event of cancellation within two days of the booked event or in the event of a no-show, a cancellation fee equal to the costs of the event (excluding museum admission) must be paid. In case of late arrival, entitlement to the event is forfeited after 30 minutes. The cancellation fee will also be charged in this case.