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Everything but superficial

Explore the exciting world of archaeology and cultural history, one that is everything but superficial. Immerse yourself, in our permanent exhibition, in the archaeological memory of mankind. Penetrate to the heart of matters of current and global importance in our special exhibitions. Learn everything about archaeological excavations in the museum's own outdoor excavation CAMP by getting involved yourself. Make use of our digital content like the 360-degree tour of our permanent exhibition or the online guided tours on YouTube.

We look forward to seeing you and receiving your feedback. You can also use our social media channels for this.

See you soon at the LWL Archaeological Museum,
Westphalian State Museum

Satyr in der Dauerausstellung
Besucher und Besucherinnen vor der Installation der hängenden Krüge in der Dauerausstellung
Nahaufnahme eines Faustkeils in der Dauerausstellung
Zwei Schüler im Forschungslabor des Museums
Vier Schülerinnen im GrabungsCamp
Drei Schülerinnen mit Tablets  sitzend auf eine Bodenvitrine