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Your Story Matters Every story matters

In collaboration with a citizens’ council and the digital agency NEEEU Spaces GmbH, the museum is developing an app that allows users to tell their stories. As part of an extensive workshop, the perspectives and ideas of potential users were incorporated in development. This resulted in an application that enables people to talk about their personal experiences in connection with objects. They integrate these objects into the app using their smartphone.

Your Story Matters is another important step on the path to digital transformation. The goals of the project are to reveal the reality of life for people living with migration experience today, to provide an accessible insight into the complex issue and to expand the archaeological-historical view of the topic of migration and current perspectives.

Die menschliche Welt ist eine Welt der Geschichten

Die menschliche Welt ist eine Welt der Geschichten

Storytelling is a fundamental aspect of human life. As part of the museum’s digital strategy, Your Story Matters integrates the stories of the population and in particular those with a migration background into the permanent exhibition and shows that migration has always been a part of the human story. The question of who is telling this story has become a commitment to diversity and inclusion for contemporary museums. With this in mind, the project includes the modern reality of life for people in the “280,000 Years of Migration” exhibition planned for 2023. The contributions from the app will be available to see in the permanent exhibition.

Your Story Matters was created in connection with “dive in. Programme for Digital Interaction” of the Federal Cultural Foundation, financed by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media in the NEUSTART KULTUR (“Cultural Fresh Start”) programme.

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Your Story Matters – the platform

Users create digital spaces on our platform and fill them with objects. They capture these objects using their smartphone and add them to the platform, where they then describe the objects. Each space has a title and can also be supplemented with text, videos and audio files. This results in rather personal collections of memories and experiences.

The platform will be launched online shortly. Once it is live, you will find a link to it here.

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