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Special exhibition

Stonehenge: September 23, 2021 to September 25, 2022

Starting in September 2021 we will present the history of the most famous archaeological monument in Europe in its uniquely preserved prehistoric surroundings. The landscape of Stonehenge will be contrasted with the prehistoric and present development of human-made landscapes in Westphalia.
The famous stone circle in southern England is an example of the advanced techniques in prehistoric building and constructing and it is the monumental peak of Neolithic engineering. It is part of a ritual landscape that holds thousands of years of history. In Herne the depth of this history is put into relation to the history of the Westphalian landscape through time. In the exhibition, visitors move through analogue and virtually reconstructed landscapes and thus embark on a journey through space and time. The exhibits are true highlights of English and Westphalian archaeology. Just as the ritual landscape of Stonehenge and prehistoric cultural areas of Westphalia, our present-day cultural landscape of the Ruhr region is to be understood as a historical archive and place of remembrance: Here, even decades after its decline, mining and its traces can be seen and experienced by everyone.

Grafische Darstellung der geplanten Stonehenge Ausstellung (Bild: LWL)